Come Fly With Us

Whether it's flying the Cessnas, going Regional with the Airbus, or go long haul with the Boeing, Philippine Virtual Airlines Group has something for you.

Philippine Virtual Airlines Group

Beyond Flight Simming

Get the actual feel of working for an Airline. With real world routes and destinations, flying to your favorite airport is now rewarding as ever!


We have partnered with FSAIRLINES to track and monitor every stages of your flight. No longer will you fly for no reason. All aspects of your flight is monitored recording every movement and decision that you make, this sophistication gives the pilot a sense of responsibility of actually flying a multi million dollar equipment!

Meet the Crew

Philippine Virtual Airlines Group is composed of Cheerful and Fun Loving virtual pilots. Join us and experience the thrill!

About Philippine Virtual Airlines Group

Established in 2011, PVAG has steadily grown and has put its name in the virtual sky as the most active Virtual Airline not only in the Philippines, but also World Wide. The VA was established by Mr Rick and Mr Craig whose aim was to establish a Philippine based virtual airline. Due to their busy schedules, It was later handed down to Mr Ian, who is now the current CEO. PVAG consists of the different Local Carriers that operate in and out of the Philippines. With schedules being updated regularly you'll be able to experience flying over the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. At PVAG, we welcome all new pilots and we treat them with utmost hospitality ensuring them that we are ready to assist when there are problems. We look forward in welcoming you to our Virtual Airlines